Here I am telling you about my entering in the world of gambling. So read this carefully…One day on weekend my little sister want to go zoo. As her wish I went with her. She love animals and birds very much. Even she has many of them like parrot, dog, white mice and a scorpion. I know that you are surprised to read this; a scorpion. But yes she has!  She like it very much and tamed it beautifully.

In zoo we saw many type of creature and enjoyed a lot. In the evening while returning home my friend met us and joins us for dinner. At night when I and my friend were in my room, we start talking about video games and other portal where we can entertain ourselves. After a long conversation we reached to go with movie and saw ‘Mummy’ the most realistic and adventures movie that I ever saw. In this movie I like the scorpion which came in the end and make the work tougher for them. But it last it ended. Now same situation occurred again. So we start again searching other option for utilize our time. Eventually we reached a portal where was hundreds of reviews about a game named as Sizzling scorpions, and also have link to play. My friend insist me to try at least one time, therefore I click and entered in this world. As a first player, very first I want to know about this sport and functions, and find it easily on help center.

Basically it is a microrgaming poker with three-reel and single payline. As name it had, the theme of this event based on scorpions. The most fascinating thing is that it was offering a fixed jackpot of 5000 coins. That can attract your attention. It also have many features like free bonus and automatic play. I also played a bonus game and win small jackpot of 1000 coins. I think that this was a good initial start. Now I am playing as professional and won many jackpot in it. Hence you can also try this event and can share your experience to all.