You all must be pretty familiar with the story of Frankenstein, as it is a pretty popular theme on which there are many movies, TV shows , comics, video games, books and other have been made and the good thing is that the people have always adored the story and everything was nothing less than success. And today I’ll be talking about the same kind of a story of a mad scientist but here the difference is that it won’t bother you much, but will help you make real money with the machine he made to throw cash.

Actually I am talking here about this new casino slot that is getting popular pretty rapidly now a days. And I have been following this as well. So I decided to have a taste of it and share my experience, and here I am.  So the theme of the pokie is quite simple, a mad crazy scientist have made this slot machine That comes with three spinning reels sit above a weird machine which prints money and puff out smoke during the game, which is an effect and works effectively.

So , in my review I found the theme of the game quite catchy and me try this instantly, so I downloaded the app in android phone and start playing  with the free spins I got while registering on the online casino portal. The best thing I found about this slot that you can even start playing it online without downloading the app, with no deposit bonus and registration. I found these features as a great pro behind the success of this pokie machine. And later I went for the real money format of the game as well, where you can buy credits to win large bonus rounds and make real money.