Today I would like to share my last vacation experience, which I made to Brazil. Actually few I had some business friends over there and they were keep inviting me for about 5 years. And this year the time finally came up and I made the trip to the happening country. They told me that I should come before the lent, that would increase the chances of mine witnessing the carnival festival and I did the same.

I booked my cruise as they informed me about the fest that was about to happen in the upcoming month.  I got this nice package that would pick me directly from Australia and would drop at the same. Since it was a quite long journey, so I made some arrangement for the passing the time in between.  I put some drinks, playing cards, a nice photo camera and some urban legends books. Oh sorry how can I forget my new apple tablet, I brought recently.

Actually I brought it to play online casino pokies, as I love to play them for fun and sometimes to win real money as well, since I was going on a Brazilian trip, so I looked online for some kind of slot machine that is based on the same plot. And luckily I found the one pretty easily the name of the slot was carnaval, yes I haven’t made the spelling error, its deliberately called carnaval rather than carnival.

This pokie game is a 5 reel, 9 pay line slot that can be played at any great Microgaming casino sites as it is quite a popular game among the players and they only play one coin per line. That’s how I coped the time of this long journey and won some real money as well while playing this amazing slot.